Singer 319W


Sailrite Carrying Case

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These are the nicest cases I have seen made today.

Made by a company the makes cases for musical instruments

They need a very slight modification for some machines.


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This machine was built in Bridgeport Conn.

The W stands for Wheeler & Wilson plant

The Singer serial # records for this plant were lost & exact dating may be tough.

This machine was produced in Scotland (Kilbowie) between 1957 & 1960


The black models are not as common as the 2 tone green model.

Singer made 3 zig-zag models in this style.

The 206, 306, & 319.

There is really a 4th. Very rare. The 320 which is a free arm.

All these machines are almost the same except for the cams systems.

These are called swing arm machines as the zig-zag needle bar pivots from the top as a pendulum

This is the same mechanism for in the Pfaff 130.

In most Zig-Zag machines, the needle bar is in a bracket. the whole bracket moves in zig-zag.

The hook is full rotary.

This is a feature found on most industrial machine & only the high end home machines.

It is a very versatile machine that was design to handle just about any job needle in a home application.

The following is a chart from the manual



The cam mechanism for decorative stitching works independently of the stitch length lever.

The 306 machine uses only one cam at a time.

The 319 has three built in & one removable.

Any combination of these 5 can all work at the same time.

The following is from the 319 manual